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Filed under: Walking Hero Peel Stick Floor Stickers 12X12in(30X30cm), Black • units conversion is related to online calculators and converters. Convert various types of units and unit measures into their equivalents within SI – Metric – US – Imperial ( UK ) systems.


Convert your angle unit measurement into equivalent circular units measures, enter the angle units converter.

Area – surface area

Convert an area (surface area) unit between Metric, US and Imperial measurements, enter surface area units converter.

Computing – electronics & computer storage

Convert an electronics, computing or computer unit measurements into bits versus bytes ( b vs. B ), kilobytes ( KB ), megabytes ( MB ), gigabytes ( GB ) and so on values used for example to describe RAM memory size, hard-disk storage space – hard disk drive ( HD = HDD ), web mail storage and so much more, enter computing units converter.

Cooking ingredients

Convert measures of ingredients from cooking recipes, cups to grams to ounces or pounds etc.. Enter cooking ingredients converters main page.

Direct to food products converters | butter & margarine | WANCAR Retro Motorcycle Bubble Visor Wind Shield Lens Universal | chia seeds | chocolates & carob | cocoa powder | corn products 6x | couscous | Cream of Tartar | eggs 9x | flours 15x | ghee | goji berry | honey | milk | SomerTile WNU36CGB Penn Demi-Bullnose Ceramic Wall Trim Tile, 1/ 7x | cooking oils 14x | poppy seeds | rice 4x | rice flour | rolled oats | salts | semolina | SCI Tile and Grout cleaner 32oz 8x | sugars 4x | yeast 3x |

Converters for automotive items

Convert loquids and solids usually used in automotive industries. Weight versus liquid units and measures. Enter automotive converters.


Convert density values from one unit into another, e.g. kilogram per cubic meter ( kg/m3 – kg/cu m ) to ounce per cubic inch ( oz/in3 – oz/cu in ) and more, enter density units converter.


Convert between SI International System, U.S., British energy units values, enter energy units converter.


Make conversions among flow units (volume transfer rate) values, enter flow units conversion.


Make conversions of any force units and force reading values. Convert force units.

Length – Distance

Metric conversion, British Imperial, U.S. and Biblical length or distance units measurements, enter length or distance units converter.

Metric system units

Convert Metric system units from yocto ( y ) to yotta ( Y ), enter metric units converter.


On line page with miscellaneous calculators and converting tools, enter miscellaneous calculators and converting tools.

Direct to miscellaneous online tools | charging batteries | Santa’s speed |


From horsepower ( hp ), joules, calorie or British Thermal Unit per hour, convert your power unit measures. Enter power units converter.

Pressure – Stress

Convert a pressure or stress unit measures like atmosphere, pascal, mercury, etc., enter pressure units converter.


Convert your speed units using distance and time in various systems, enter speed units converter.

Time – Date

Convert specific date and time units lengths from millennium to nano seconds ( nsec ) time span, enter date and time units converter.

Torque – moment of force

Make conversions of any torque unit or values of moments of force in the systems used by industries worldwide, convert torque units with this instant tool.

Volume – Capacity

Convert your volume or capacity unit value by exchanging it from and to between Metric, Imperial British, US, systems. Enter volume or capacity units converter.

Dry volume

Convert a dry volume unit by changing your dry-volume measure from one dry amount to another dry instead, enter volume dry units converter.

Tamiya 18619 1/32 Jr Racing Mini Nitrage Kit

Main page for web, computers, internet related converters and calculators, enter converters for computer and internet.

Direct to online computer and online web related tools | Airsoft Shooting Gear AIP High Torque AEG Motor HT-40000 (Long T | data transfer | Gmail email |

Weight – Mass

Convert any mass and weight units by translating their values into other world wide systems used for weight-mass measurements, enter mass and weight units converter.

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  1. This is the home page for Convert to pages. Index of convertors for converting various unit measures into their equivalent units on all other systems.

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  2. how about converting file formats to other formats …
    e.g. oracle to mysql, pdf to word documents ….

    Comment from/about : Justin

  3. Practical unit conversions

    Why do we have so many unit systems on this planet to convert from and to …

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  4. Very useful site! Especially the calculator for how long do you charge rechargeable aa batteries size 2300 mAh and type aaa 1100 mAh or even for the 9 volt battery option. We have been using these nimh or nicd types at work but at home as well.

    Comment from/about : NiMH and NiCd batteries charger

  5. Your honey conversion cal is wrong. 16 oz of honey does not equal 1lb

    Added by admin: 16 ounces equals 1 pound, same in the other way around, as per usual in the weight sense. But i will add into the honey calculator also fl-oz volume unit option, fluid ounces, if you wish, and milliliters? This Monday.

    Comment from/about : angery

  6. Hi great site. I’d like to ask; could I get your html javascript conversion code for my website from you as is used in your converters on Convert To .com html pages?

    Comment from/about : html javascript conversion code

  7. Hi,
    can you please share the converter for
    1) Energy (KWH ) to Carbon foot print ( or kg of carbon)
    2) Diesel consumption in leter to Carbon foot print (Kg of carbon)
    3) Similary for WATER, PETROL consumption.


    Comment from/about : Carbon Foot Print converter

  8. Great web site I use to convert a measure into other units and for a conversion factors information.

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  9. Handy! Thanks for putting this site together – we’ve found the recipe converters very useful!

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  10. Thank you for producing these calculators. At the moment what I was looking for was to convert kb into mb and computer gb vs. tb converter.

    Comment from/about : Between COMPUTER’s units Kb, Mb, Gb and Tb converters.

  11. Interesting site… wouldn’t choose the exact colours, perhaps! Your conversions are very extensive and complete, but one is missing — you should add the English “Gas Mark” for oven temperatures.

    Thanks for making this material available. I was converting a US recipe to metric measures, and it was helpful to find the cup-to-gram conversions for sugar etc.

    Comment from/about : Scott

  12. Thanks so much for the fantastic and very useful table on battery recharging times. I have a recharger that came with 2100 mah batteries. I bought more batteries but could only get 2500 mah batteries. How long to charge them? I have spent hours trying to find the simple formula or info and working table that you have onsite. If only I had been able to find it earlier! Would have saved me lots of time trying to get my head around all the maths quoted or charge current calculations in other sites. Thanks again!

    Comment from/about : Alexov

  13. can i download this whole converter thing ? ^_^

    Comment from/about : mario

  14. Why are Temperature conversions not included?

    Comment from/about : Michael Murphy

  15. Really useful site! I came across this in my college math class while looking for speed conversions on google. I like it so much that (if it’s okay with you) I’m going to suggest this site for academic use because my college is a private college specializing in things like computers, automotive, electronics, architecture, etc., so almost all of these will be useful for here aside from the cooking ingredients one. Also, if you don’t mind, since I’m in a web development class using HTML and javascript, I think trying to create a site like this would be really helpful for myself so I could further understand how these things work. I wouldn’t publish it since you already did, I’d just use it for myself. Thanks for putting such a useful site together! =)

    Added by admin: Hi Michael, thank you for your nice words about my work. Of course, yes it’s practical (that is why I created these pages and every time I come across a new task, a new units to measure faster, I create a new page for it), so go for it if it helps your school in a same way for web or private network so all of you benefit.

    Comment from/about : Michael Diamond

  16. Hi – just a query about conversion of UK cup cooking cup to millilitres. Your site says “1 cup U.K. (cup) = 284.130 625 milliliters (ml)”. But i think that a metric UK cup is exactly 250ml. Can you tell me how your computer program determines that it is 284~?

    added by admin : There is such a thing as U.K. measuring cup, Imperial cup. I have in my bizarre items collection one of them that used to be used in the old times. There is plenty of information regarding UK cup around in older books or on the Internet. But if you use Metric than ignore that measure of course, here in the multi volume unit converter UK cup isn’t listed, it’s only under the single volume units category.

    Comment from/about : UK Cup Size

  17. I’ve enjoyed using your facility and recommending others to it for a while now. I’ve ripped your banner to make an icon rather than use you link code simply because it fits with stuff.

    My graphic hand is not too good and wondering if you have a nice sharp graphic suitable for iconising as a goto button to be used as a facility by users for short order? If you do I would be really grateful to get a copy from you.

    kind regards,

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  18. need to know how to convert hs to ms, m^3 to ml, h to ks, cm to f, hour to month, cm to km, g to cg, L to cm^3, i’m in chemistry at a college and i don’t know how to convert these.

    Comment from/about : Lucette

  19. This is one excellent sight site for converting measures of various units, for exchange values of units.

    Comment from/about : Converting measures of various units values.

  20. Truly an excellent site to convert units measures of all kind of types. I have done conversion of units for measures I work with today. Keep up the good work.

    Comment from/about : Convert units measures.

  21. I easily managed to convert how many ml (milliliters) of honey in a tbsp plus tsp measuring units.

    Comment from/about : How many ml of honey are in a tbsp and a tsp?

  22. I didn’t know how to convert a measure from US to Metric system but it went easy and fast for me with your unit converter.

    Comment from/about : How to convert measure

  23. Thank you so much. I’ve been searching around for a good conversion tool, but this was by far the best and easiest to use. Wish you made an app for Apple store.

    Comment from/about : Maciek

  24. I need to get one ENI TIME AA 1.2V 2300MA RECHARGEABLE NI-MH BATTERY 4-PACK PART number FLA0654. Please advise.

    added by admin:
    What do you need the battery pack for? Seems line a normal sort of batteries, unless they had a different cover/size dimension-ally. I just have the complete time versus charger size converter to calculate time needed for charging batteries.

    Comment from/about : THOMAS P DEMOPOULOS

  25. I have a Finnish recipe that calls for sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar and flour in DL units, although these are all dry ingredients. Are there conversion factors to get the weeight in grams from deciliters? Thank you. GREAT SITE!

    Comment from/about : DL to grams conversion

  26. Good morning,
    relatively to the table of composition of dried Goji berries shown in the following link for Goji Berries Nutrition and accurate information for their nutrients, as you mentioned, I agree that, me too, I share some of the doubts about the adequacy of the unity of measures which can be found out there. It will also depend on where these berries grew plus under what farming practices, fertile soil, summer length and temperatures, etc.
    In the meantime, have been obtained additional scientific data to update the nutritional goji berry table?

    Congratulations for your Converter!
    Antonio Seppi

    Comment from/about : Antonio Seppi

  27. A useful conversion would be automobile fuel economy: MPG Miles per Gallon (US and British) to Liters per 100 Kilometers (Metric). I couldn’t find it on your site.

    Comment from/about : Fuel economy conversion

  28. Could you tell me the conversion for glucose from grams to ml? I couldn’t find it.

    Comment from/about : Liesl

  29. I’ve primarily interested in the culinary conversions and found them to be just what I was looking for. As an older person on a nutritional diet system, it is necessary for me to weigh ingredients. fills that need for almost every item. Thanks.
    Here is where the wheels fall off my wagon. You list several different types of salt. I did not see Kosher salt. Can that be added to your database? Also can you add granulated sugar to the sugar data? I think 1 cup of castor sugar, being smaller grain will weigh more than 1 cup of granulated sugar. I assume the same will hold true for salt. If I am incorrect, could you let me know?

    Comment from/about : kojak edwards

  30. Could you pls add a converter for granola muesli amounts? Cannot find one anywhere. Thanks so much.

    Comment from/about : Liesl

  31. New article is really great! thank you.

    Comment from/about : new IP

  32. Please convert 175 grams weight of golden syrup to tablespoons volume.

    added by admin: Katie, the golden syrup converter was a great idea. It can be used now.

    Amount in weight measure: 175 g (gram) of golden syrup
    Equals in volume quantity: 8.5 tbsp (tablespoons) of golden syrup

    Comment from/about : Katie

  33. I would love to be able to include this functionality in an android app. Do you guys have an api available? If not, do you know of one. Thanks heaps and great work.

    Comment from/about : Michel

  34. Michel,
    What is api? What does api include, or what it should contain, and how does it look as per structure. Forgive me my ignorance, but I’ve never worked with such applications.

    Comment from/about : Rado

  35. Could be VERY dangerous not to recognize ‘tons’ = 2000lb in USA system and 2240 lb in UK etc.
    SO MPA to tsi is very much American. 13.79 in US, 15.44 in UK.

    Hubble telescope went wrong for similar reason!

    Comment from/about : Tons

  36. I wanted to say thanks for having this excellent repository of unit conversions. I went hunting through Google, because I needed to get a price point down. I ended up finding this site here. After getting cost of goods per volume used in my recipe, as well as converting the volume to approximate weight of each batch, my price point ended up eerily close to that of store bought … after my labor. Like, $0.03 difference. But now I have a detailed breakdown of exactly what goes into it!

    Thanks again!

    Comment from/about : Price points

  37. The correct conversion is:
    1 tsi = 15.444 MPa (3dp)

    Your site gives
    1 tsi = 13.789 MPa
    please consider and amend /clarify as appropriate.

    Added by admin: it’s correct

    USA Short Ton – 1 tsi = 13,789,500 pascals = 13.78950 MPa
    UK Long Ton – 1 tsi = 15,444,300 pascals = 15.44430 MPa

    Comment from/about : tsi convertor

  38. Hello Sir, I just wanted to write my absolute and sincerest appreciation for the hard work and dedication that you have ever so graciously poured into this amazing piece of software. My coworkers and I just settled a very bloody dispute regarding the density of roasted salted almonds and your calculator finally brought peace and justice to the absolute wasteland that my office had degraded to.
    Godspeed, my dearest friend.

    Comment from/about : Cody at FRP

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