Investing in Santa Cruz

It’s a simple fact that is becoming ever more known, investing in real estate makes great money. If you can add to that equation a location that’s highly desirable and has great value for real estate and properties then what you have is a sound investment. One that will continue to show a profit for the for see able future. There are few of these places in North America and most of them are heavily seasonal.

The trick is to find one that has mass appeal year-round. Well look no further, Santa Cruz in beautiful California is the place. Whether renting or flipping, Santa Cruz offers an impressive home package. The famously beautiful weather is a great place to start when considering the list of bonuses and advantages that Santa Cruz brings to the table. However, the amazing weather works in conjunction with the bounty of nature to offer a truly “active” lifestyle. Santa Cruz is noted for its surfing.In fact it was known to be one of the first areas surfed in California, and is home to several surf and skate companies that are known around the world. Another notable attraction is the Santa Cruz Wharf, and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk; the oldest amusement park in California. These attractions and recreational options have created an excellent atmosphere for home investment. Such a desirable area always has a need for quality rental properties, and the home sales market is thriving as an abundance of home buyers are always ready to snatch up new homes that become available. This is also a great area for vacation rentals as Santa Cruz is a noted vacation destination.

This area also has a bustling economy and a great education systems that includes the University Of California, Santa Cruz, a college that is modeled after the great universities of England, Cambridge & Oxford. Santa Cruz simply offers a fantastic residential investment opportunity. For those seeking a great home investment or a income-generating property, take a look at Santa Cruz.

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History of Santa Cruz

In 1769 the Spanish explorer Don Gaspar de Portola discovered the land area which is now known as the City of Santa Cruz. When he came upon the beautiful flowing river, he named it San Lorenzo in honor of Saint Lawrence. He called the rolling hills above the river Santa Cruz, which means holy cross. 

Twenty-two years later, in 1791, Father Fermin de Lasuen established a mission at Santa Cruz, the twelfth mission to be founded in California. Across the San Lorenzo River, in what is now known as East Santa Cruz, Villa de Branciforte was established It was founded by the Spanish as one of three civil settlements or pueblos in California. The other pueblos were San Jose and Los Angeles. Villa de Branciforte later merged with the Mission Santa Cruz community across the river. 

By the 1820’s Mexico had assumed control of the area and within the next twenty years, Americans began to arrive in great numbers. California became a state in 1850 and Santa Cruz County was created as one of the twenty-seven original counties. 

By the turn of the century logging, lime processing, agriculture, and commercial fishing industries prospered in the area. Due to its mild climate and scenic beauty Santa Cruz also became a prominent resort community.

Santa Cruz was incorporated in 1866 as a town under the laws of the State of California and received its first charter as a city in 1876. At that time the city was governed by a Mayor and Common Council consisting of four members. 

In 1907, the citizens voted for a new charter designating a Mayor as chief executive and a City Council consisting of seven members. Subsequent charters gave a Mayor and four Commissioners both executive and administrative powers. At that time the city was divided into five departments: Public Affairs, Revenue and Finance, Public Health and Safety, Public Works, and Streets and Parks.

In 1948, the City of Santa Cruz adopted a new City Charter. This charter established a Council-Manager form of government, with a Mayor and six Council members setting policy for the city and a city manager serving as the chief administrator of those policies. The Charter, with amendments, is still in existence today.


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