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I highly recommend Axel Real Estate and Home Loans Inc. because of their competitive rates, continuous updates, and streamlined process. I have worked with them numerous times. I have always been a happy customer in the end. They provide multiple lending options and discuss their pros/cons before locking in the final rate.
9 months ago

— Zillow Reviewer who closed on a conventional 30-year fixed-rate purchase loan.

We choose Axel Real Estate & Home Loans for re-financing, and I am very pleased by their service, the customer representatives were great and they were on top of it and always kept us in the loop. I highly recommend their service for any new or refinancing needs.
2 years ago

— Zillow Reviewer who closed on a conventional 30-year fixed-rate refinance loan.

Buying our first home mortgage dealing always looked complex, but Axel Homes made it feel like breeze. Most competitive rates, swift actions, regular status updates made our mortgage dealing a enjoyable one. Crystal clear communication & documentation made loan process smooth with minimum back and forth. Have mentally signed up with them for all future mortgage needs.
3 years ago

— Zillow Reviewer who closed on a purchase loan.

Thanks to the great team at Axel, we had a really smooth refinance experience. We were given regular updates during the refinance process. When another lender appeared with better terms, we were notified and after we gave consent, switched to the new lender. I have refinanced with other lenders in the past, but none were as efficient & smooth as the experience working with Axel.
3 years ago

— Zillow Reviewer who closed on a conventional 30-year fixed-rate refinance loan.

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Browsing real estate ads and navigating through legal documents in a foreign language, as well as dealing with banks, insurance companies, and property management companies with different rules and procedures, can rapidly become a daunting task.

Navigating foreign real estate ads and legal documents, alongside managing various entities like banks, insurance, and property management, can swiftly become overwhelming due to differing rules and procedures.

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